We all love holidays when we can celebrate on a Friday or Monday giving us that 3-day weekend.  Some have been known to start celebrating on a Thursday ending on Tuesday.  Wow!  A 3-day work week and 4 days off!  Even better.

This year we got thrown a curve ball.  July 4th is on a Wednesday and it certainly wouldn’t be very patriotic to move it to the 3rd or the 5th.  We’re stuck with celebrating our Nation’s birthday on hump day. 

Here are some choices:

Option 1 – Watch your fireworks on Wednesday, then go back to work on Thursday and Friday and celebrate on the weekend? In this scenario drinking and celebrating in the middle of the week makes having a hangover for Thursday difficult.  Your productivity will certainly go down. You might stick to lemonade and hit the booze Friday night.

Option 2 –  You can party July 4th and continue through Sunday.  Missing 2 days of work isn’t that bad, especially if you planned ahead and put it in as vacation days.

Option 3 – If you really planned ahead, you started your vacation June 30th and will enjoy pure fun until July 8th.  Light the “harmless” fireworks, watch the parades and party hardy.  You deserve these 10 days.

Whatever option you chose, enjoy your time off and remember, watch your kids around water, don’t play with dangerous fireworks and don’t do anything you wouldn’t tell your mother.