You Do Have One, Right?

We all have one, we can’t live without it, and we think it will last forever.  Many things fit into this category – a car for one, although many people have opted to forgo owning a car replacing it with a bicycle, mass transit or going the Uber way of life.

The item so important to our daily lives is the Smartphone.  I would venture to say that if you see a person without a phone, they probably forgot it somewhere. 

The country with the highest number of smart phone users is China with 1.3 billion users, followed by India with 530 million users, and the US with 229 million users, of which 97% are adults.

According to several surveys, the average American spends almost 5 hours a day on their device using it as an alarm clock, texting, talking, sending & receiving emails, taking pictures & videos, banking, and social media activities. Many young parents use their phones as babysitters giving their phones to their toddlers entertaining them with YouTube cartoons & movies.

The developers of the Smartphone, in my opinion, designed these devices to make people mobile dependent and literally control the lives of the users. ) Cell Phone Addiction are to be taken seriously. Read more about the signs and symptoms here.

I intended to write about how my phone met its demise yesterday with no warning.  I spent the good part of the day researching a new device, purchasing this new device, and then setting it up so it was comparable to my old phone which had served me very well since 2012.  The challenge is being user ready for Monday when my phone will start ringing, the emails will come in, and all my apps will be used for what they were intended.  It’s been hours of work and very frustrating.  Is it worth it?  Can I live without a Smartphone?  Yes, but only if I lived in a cave with no human contact, which is never going to happen.

Back to the tutorials and more coffee!

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  1. melanie

    Does anyone remember as a child being just removed from a restaurant if you misbehaved , no one hand you a I Pad , you may of got handed a slap on the bum


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