Having to survive my experiences of purchasing new business equipment (see my Soapbox dated March 25, 2018) could have been more pleasant. Lenovo ranks at the very top in the industry when it comes to laptops.

I have had 2 Lenovo laptops previously, so choosing a desktop computer was a no-brainer. 

We have all been there.  You sell a pillow, window treatments, cabinetry, appliances or whatever, take the money, and follow up to see if the customer is happy.  If something goes wrong with the order, because the customer dealt with the you, the salesperson, you should be the one to continue communicating with the client until he/she is happy.

My salesperson, Trevor, was extremely attentive until the deal was closed.   When I realized the complete order was not delivered, he became the stealth salesperson.  After several phone calls and an email with a picture of what was delivered and not delivered, and several conversations with others in that department promising that he would call me, I still got no response from said “salesperson.” 

A one-hour conversation with some guy in the Philippines did lead to a promise and an email with a tracking number for the missing part.  I have yet to receive this part although I was told that they would ship it free.  Hmmm, I have already paid for the whole order, what’s with the “free shipping?” I have been promised a credit of $35.11 compensation for all my time spent on trying to follow up with people who don’t care.  Don’t even ask where they came up with that amount for 6 hours of my time.

I have received numerous emails asking for my opinion on how my experience was with their company, and I have answered oh, so honestly.  Their response is, “we will try harder,” but based on the opinions on Yelp regarding Customer Service, they are not trying at all.

Would I recommend this company?  I definitely recommend Lenovo as a manufacturer of a good computer.   But, I would recommend purchasing the computer from a dealer like Best Buy or Fry’s electronics.  

My point is that a company can have the best product, but if the customer service is almost non-existent, eventually it will be reflected in the sales numbers.