It’s easy for me to lose track of time when I get lost in the moment.  Publishing Designers Circle has become part of my life and I rarely think back in time because I am typically working on future events constantly.

I thought sharing the Designers Circle timeline would be interesting since many of you have been part of it since the beginning.

May, 2009 – the first issue of Kitchen & Bath Chatter using as a single-entry format, sent out to 3 people.   

August, 2009 –  first advertiser said he wanted to advertise on my “blog” because he thought “it was going somewhere.”  I put him off because I had to figure out how to put widgets on the blog. Ugh!  More tutorials!

August, 2010 – First Happy Hour hosted by Kitchen & Bath Chatter. 125 were there to celebrate at the SubZero Wolf showroom.

November, 2010 – Kitchen & Bath Chatter was changed to, an independent website.

December, 2011 – First Holiday Party.  We have had one every year since!  They get bigger and better with many, many people enjoying the festivities.

April, 2015 – Customized Name Tags were introduced to replace those pesky paper tags.

January, 2017 – Our first video published at a sponsor’s showroom, using my Samsung Note 4.

January 2017 – Our new podcast series, Home Design Chat with Nancy, was renamed from Kitchen & Bath Design Chat with Nancy which started in 2012. A new podcast is published weekly on iTunes and many other social media platforms.

The Designers Circle format has been changed 5 times over the years to make it more attractive, easier to navigate and fun to read.

Happy Hours are very popular and as of today, booked through June, 2019.

The Designers Circle Holiday Party is the highlight of the season so, of course, we are planning the event for 2018, and are looking forward to seeing you December 13th

Your emails and comments expressing what Designers Circle has done for the Design Community have been much appreciated.  The main focus for this publication at the onset was to bring the design community together regardless of what organization(s) people were members of.  The Happy Hours has been a successful tool for that purpose.

Nancy’s Soapbox seems to have a great following so as long as there is something to comment about, it will always be the fun part of this publication for me.