I started to research the amount of money Biden and his administration is spending and what they are spending it on, but, honestly I was feeling sick as I was reading the list. Billion and trillion were not words that got thrown around lightly up until this guy took office.  In 2021, he spent $3 Trillion on various “things”, and will be spending much more by the end of his term. This is Biden’s last hurrah, and he knows it, so he wants to be remembered.  And he will be–as the weak, frail guy who mumbles, screams, whispers and is not building America, but breaking it down.

Here’s a just few items that we, the American people are paying for:

In the first nine months of 2021 – January to September, $340 million was spend on transportation of border crossers and illegal aliens

In that same time period, Biden spent at least $212 million to provide medical care to border crossers and illegal aliens in federal custody — paid for by us, not to mention the amenities being given to the illegals.

The senate just passed a $430 Billion bill known as the “Inflation Reduction Act.  We know that inflation is 9.2%, the highest in 41 years, but do we really know what this money is going to be spent on, and how it is going to reduce inflation?   Even Bernie Sanders, of all people, said this bill will have a minimal impact on inflation.

This “transitory inflation” will cost American families over $5,000 this year, but no worries, Biden, who is personally worth $9 Million has told us not to worry because he is reducing the deficit.

Biden wants to eventually have all military vehicles and public transportation run with electricity as well as your family car. For those in agreement with the Biden plan, have you checked the price of electric cars, the batteries and the process by which the batteries are made?

Everything cost more at the grocery store and restaurants. Gas, has gone down from it’s high of $5.69, but it’s still about $2 per gallon more than when Biden first took office, and will most likely go up. Generally speaking, everything has gone up with no relief in sight.

I welcome your comments and hope you can share a glimmer of hope for the near future.