Have you ever worked on a project and found that people don’t quite get it? One reason is that you are possibly using words, descriptions and phrases that are familiar to you but not to others “not in the business.”

Whether you are in the computer world, legal arena, architectural or building field, for example, you have come to use particular nomenclature in your everyday vocabulary without a second thought.

Educating your client then becomes an important part of the process before you can proceed with the project.  Take the time to go through this first step, which, in my opinion, is very important. You may be communicating with people who don’t have a clue what you are talking about! 

To that point, I will use remodeling terms since I know them best. When I design a kitchen, the words soffit, toe kick, countertop returns and undermounts may not be familiar to my client.  Explaining and showing what these mean, makes it easier for me and the client as we proceed through the job.

Don’t ever assume that just because you know something, everyone else is on the same page.  Also, don’t assume that because others are not familiar with certain words, they are not as smart as you. 

It takes a little lip-biting when the client asks a question that makes them seem unfamiliar with the subject.   Be patient!  Remember, you were not born with knowledge, you learned it.