kids getting on yellow school busI was assuming that all drivers in Arizona have a driver’s license, but by observing drivers during my day to day experiences on our roads, I would say many of them skipped the test and don’t have a clue. 

Unfortunately, the fine for driving without a license is not much more than a nice pair of shoes, so there are many people who forgo the license.  Driving without insurance is another issue.  First offense for not having insurance is $940 and a 3 month driver’s license, registration and license plate suspension.  The 2nd and 3rd offense only gets worse.

Ok, I’m not the quintessential expert driver, but there are a few things that are so obvious, I just shake my head and hope I’m not in the middle of an accident when I see drivers doing moronic things.

My main focus today is when to stop for school buses.  They are big, yellow and ugly for a reason!  No one ever wants to hit a little person (my stomach drops when I think of the possibility), so to be sure this never happens, follow this simple rule.

Arizona law requires drivers traveling in any direction to stop completely for a school bus with flashing lights and stop-sign arm extended, unless the road is physically divided. By “physically divided,” that means fencing or curbing — not paint stripes, which still requires a driver to stop.

Unfortunately, there have been some incidents involving bad judgement on the part of the bus driver, so we, as the other driver, have to be more diligent when it involves kiddos.

Happy driving!