Many years ago I attended a seminar facilitated by a well-known kitchen designer who drummed the phrase, “if you don’t toot your own horn, no one is going to toot it for you!” into our heads.

He wasn’t trying to turn us into egotistical designers, instead he was saying, “If you are good at what you do, let people know.” In other words, don’t keep your accomplishments a secret, but learn how to let them be known in a subtle way.

In my opinion, there is a line between being sure of one’s self and being conceited.  When meeting with clients who have either contacted you from a referral, or happened to walk into your place of business, you owe it to the client to explain what you can do for them in a self-confident, yet modest, way.

By talking about past projects that you have completed, and showing pictures of how you solved questions or problems your client had, is a good way to gain the confidence from your future clients.

No one likes a braggart, so if everything is all about you, don’t be shocked when you lose the client.  Being obnoxious and pretentious is not professional in the workplace, so honing your people skills will more likely show up in your bottom line.