The “Appliance Garage” is the next must-have kitchen feature, according to one TikTok.  Not so fast, my dear Tiktokers.  The appliance garage has been used by kitchen designers since the 1980’s.

For those not familiar with an appliance garage, it is a cabinet, frequently with tambour doors, that is installed on the counter, typically 18″ high, 12″ deep, making the space between the counter and the wall cabinet to be utilized  providing storage for small appliances, i.e. blenders, toasters, mixers, that are used frequently.   These appliances are easy to get to, and by pulling the appliance forward, can be used easily on the countertop.

To make this area most efficient, outlets are installed on the back wall so the appliances are pulled forward and ready to be used at any given moment.

By installing these storage cabinets, the homeowner has less clutter in the kitchen and more space on the countertops for food prep. 

Over the years designers have taken this concept and adapted it for the needs of the end user.  The height and depth has been changed and cabinet doors have been used in lieu of tambour doors.  This designer (me) has used pocket doors so not have the open doors impede the work area when using the appliances.