Fads come and go very quickly while trends stay popular for a while.  No surprise that many wait to see what’s new for the coming year not only in kitchen design, but also colors, furniture, clothing and more.  

Let’s talk kitchens, the most interesting room in the house, and to quote the over-used phrase – “the heart of the home.”

Since every kitchen has cabinets, you can’t ignore them. They are considered “the furniture that comes with the home.”  Cabinets control the look and feel of the room – from Contemporary to Farmhouse, it all starts with these boxes and doors. 

Wood Tone Cabinets

The color brown and anything brown is taking over the gray look, so woods are becoming popular. People are appreciating the organic warmth and texture. Lighter wood tones (not the Golden Oak of the ’80’s & ’90’s!) are especially popular choices, but darker tones of walnut & ebony are great choices as well. Note: White cabinets have stood the test of time and are considered a classic choice. 

Creamy Taupes and Off-Whites 

Pairing the warmer tones like creamy taupe and off-whites, with wood accents gives a warm and cozy feel to the kitchen..

Mixing Colored Cabinets 

Choosing a contrasting island cabinet color in earthy, muted, and moody shades are trending.  The most popular choices are blue, gray, black, and warm brown tones. Note:  Painted cabinets add value to the home, but can be hard to touch up.

Organizing Cabinet Storage

Organizing storage has always been popular.  The more organized the space is, the less time used for searching for items.  Every cabinet in the kitchen should be easily accessible and functional, so more companies are jumping into the arena to offer different ways to be organized, of course, large storage drawers have been popular for years.