Apparently Tomatocore is a trend first started on TikTok as a fashion moment, with “tomato girls” taking over feeds everywhere. Tomato girls are effortlessly chic and elegant, their style inspired by the relaxed and romantic atmosphere of a coastal Mediterranean vacation. 

This trend is all about really indulging the senses and living life in a really chic, but utterly relaxed, European way.

Tomatocore is described as an old-world Euro style mixed with fresh, timeless looks that alludes to the quintessential summer feeling that freshly picked tomatoes bring.

How to accomplish this look:

Use Light and Airy Neutrals like white, beige, and light browns .

  • Use these colors as the backdrop for your space (think big items like the sofa, armchair, and fireplace) which will allow you to easily incorporate different colors and patterns using accessories.
  • Incorporate plenty of crisp white textiles into your space to make it feel fresh and airy. Bed sheets, curtains, and tablecloths are particularly good choices for this style—just don’t forget to have your stain remover at the ready. In general, black is avoided in Tomatocore.

Add Bright Pops of Color

  • Bold pops of color for accessories should be used throughout the space
  • Bright red, blue, yellow, and green are the most popular being used for accessories: throw pillows, vases, pottery, glassware, etc. 

Incorporate Classic Mediterranean Patterns

  •  Use botanical patterns involving motifs like lemons, leaves, tomatoes, fruits and veggies, and bright flowers, in addition to stripes and nautical prints.
  • Use patterns sparingly.  Tomatocore as a blend between minimalism and maximalism. 
  • Stick to one or two patterns per space, paired with non-patterned decor elements to create balance.

Feature Natural Elements

  •  Wood, stone, clay, marble, rattan, and terracotta are vital.
  •  wood furnishings , paired with natural, airy textiles like linen and cotton.
  • Antique or vintage furniture is a great option. 

Accessorize with Fresh Greenery

  • Complete the look off with lots of fresh greenery, not faux plants.
  • Houseplants; fresh cut wildflowers; and herbs like lavender, thyme, and basil in terracotta or unglazed ceramic planters.