Even though there are more than 90,000 active missing person cases in the US, few have met with as much urgency and national attention as that of Gabby Petito, who was reported missing in September 11 and whose remains were found more than a week later in Wyoming’s Bridger-Teton National Forest. Brian Laundrie,  Petito’s fiance and a person of interest, has been hiding for over a month eluding bounty hunters and policemen with his survival talents.  

This fiasco has been all over the news and social media, and yet, it is almost impossible to find out the status of the hostages left in Afghanistan by Biden’s debacle. 

Biden’s lack of communication with the American public is totally unacceptable, while Nancy Pelosi defends this catastrophe and Biden’s leadership.

The main stream media choses to cuddle Biden not pressing him to answer the questions important to the American public.  The subjects coming from Biden’s mouth only has to do with climate control, mandates for masks and vaccines and, now the $3.1 trillion deal saying that it won’t cost the tax payers anything.

The media, in my opinion, gives the information they want people to know, and nothing more.  They have covered up important information that can affect elections, they have created falsehoods about people who don’t go along with their ideology and have been caught doing nefarious things in the name of journalism.

“The media” used to be a valued source of information, but now anything posted on Facebook, twitter, etc is believed without question, and the media is very aware of this, so they take full advantage.

There is no such thing as the “honest truth” anymore.

This is strictly my opinion.  You are invited to comment below.