Maximalism is a design style rooted in a more-is-more philosophy that will often blend an eclectic mix of layered patterns, highly saturated colors, textures, and objects.

Over the last couple of years, maximalist designs have had a resurgence in popularity due to the vivid vibrancy inherent in the style—it makes for great inspiration on social media reflecting the personality and enjoyment of the person behind the design.

How to create the maximalist look:

  • Show personality and  passions through  design choices.
  • Embrace items that have been collected collected.
  • Highlight  favorite colors, fabrics, accessories, etc.
  • Plush couches, plenty of patterned pillows, or throw blankets add that cozy feel.

Maximalism is particularly popular with millennials and younger generations who enjoy making spaces their own, turning away from stark minimalistic styles that can be rigid and lack personality.