Grandpa chic is a more traditionally masculine and laidback spin on some of the curated trends we’ve seen recently. With rich dark tones, artfully collected decor, and a love for all things vintage, this comfortable style reminiscent of old-school social clubs invites you to come on in and stay a while.

  • Nostalgic, sophisticated, and unique style that can’t be formulated or replicated, unlike design that is done in ‘one swoop,’” says Chris Jovanelly of Est Est Interior Design.
  • Excellent choice for families or anyone who loves casual entertaining and wants guests to feel at ease in their house.
  • Focuses on the timeless over the trendy and creating an atmosphere that feels like it came together over decades.
  • This style takes a more no-nonsense approach to decor, just like Grandpa

Source:  Better Homes & Garden