The California-cool-gone-West look is the next decor trend to watch, so say some designers.

  • The rustic-farmhouse-meets-beachy-seashore coastal cowgirl is a Western-inspired spin on traditional coastal styles
  • The coastal cowgirl color scheme embraces an easy-going, slow-paced lifestyle.
  • A harmony of whites, creams, blues, and browns will tie your space together.
  • Warm up cool, ocean-mimicking blues with rustic brown tones, and use warm beige, rich caramel, and other playful browns to channel both the sand and Western terrain.
  • Incorporate a little dusty pink for contrast, and you’ll have a perfectly balanced final look.
  • This trend is all about the perfect mix of light, natural materials anchored by rugged accents. 
  • Combine delicate fabrics like cotton and linen with a country western flair of worn leather and reclaimed wood.
  • Lay a cowhide rug on the floor and hang your straw hats in an eye-catching display on the wall.
  • Take advantage of your exposed ceiling beams and any other natural wood you have in your home to play up the rustic feel.
  • Include a leather ottoman or leather chairs layered with denim pillows and cozy knits 
  • For accents, your go-to materials should include rattan, wicker, and jute.

Source:  Better Homes & Garden