It’s cold outside no matter where you live, so make your home warm and cozy and by adding these cabincore ideas:

  • Add layers of plush textiles, wool blankets, fuzzy fabrics, chunky knits and thick textured rugs.
  • Drape faux sheepskin pelts over bare benches or chairs.
  • Make your fireplace the focal point of the room to hint at that comforting feeling.
  • Add a mantel of rustic stone or reclaimed wood decorated with candles and vases of dried flowers.
  • Use  weathered wood, faux fur, leather, and natural fibers.
  •  Accessorize with plants, fresh or dried floral arrangements, and art showing forest scenes or woodland creatures.
  • Use dark paint colors or wood-paneled walls in living areas and bedrooms.
  • Ambient lighting from table lamps, wall sconces, or string lights in lieu of harsh overhead lighting will set the mood.