Wet rooms have become an very popular since they are the perfect solution for small bathrooms when there is not enough space for bath a tub and a shower.

*A wet room is a type of bathroom or shower room where the entire space is designed to be waterproof.

*There is typically no separate shower enclosure. The floor of the entire room is gently sloped toward a drain, and the walls and floor are covered with waterproof materials such as tiles, vinyl, or concrete.

*A wet room typically features a freestanding tub within the tiled walk-in shower area. There is often no curb or low-curb entrance that may be partially or fully glass-enclosed or have a pony wall to provide some separation and contain splashes.

*A wet room provides an accessible shower for children and those with mobility problems. Easy for people with walkers and wheelchairs to enter the shower. 

*Due to their open-concept design, more air circulates throughout a wet room as opposed to a traditional closed-door shower, which means less potential for mold and mildew. 

*A wet room adds to the value of the home.