Designers notice everything from what people are wearing to how they decorate their homes, so typically when they walk into a kitchen, certain things that aren’t right jump out at them.  Do you do this when you visit a friend’s kitchen? Here’s a few things to check out:


The ideal lighting should be layered, include sconces, pendants, chandeliers, task lighting and integrated ceiling lighting. Dimmers are a must in the home so the lighting can be adjusted throughout the day.



Are the cabinets, countertops and backsplashes outdated?  Do they compliment each other?



Overloaded countertops filled with too many appliances, junk mail, and anything else that takes over the workspace is a huge eyesore.



Outdated oak cabinets can be spotted a mile away. 



Does the placement of appliances work for a cook?  Is there enough storage? Does the seating area have enough room?



Does the kitchen look like a model home with no personal items?  Does it look like it’s a fun cooking and gathering place?