What a year this has been.  From politics to Hollywood, we have experienced many unusual and unexpected firsts.  My policy is never to talk politics, but the politicos and the powerful Hollywood pigs, have been smacked with penalties that are well deserved. Of course, this behavior is not limited to the well-known. 

Arizona’s economy is doing very well after the 2007 downturn.  This is not a first since we have bounced up and down in the past, but it is long overdue.  2018 is projected to be a great year.  Good for us.

Designers Circle is a reflection of the Design Community.  Our Holiday party, partnered with Studio 41 was the largest, most successful party I have seen.  This was our first Food Truck event, but it won’t be our last.  I never saw so many happy people in one place.  Thank you to everyone at Studio 41, to all the sponsors and vendors who pitched in to make this the perfect party, and especially to Ryan Young who worked so hard and still had time to blow up cute balloons.  Good job, Ryan.

To everyone who supports Designers Circle, thank you, thank you.  Designers Circle began as a blog in 2008 to help people network and to introduce others with like interests and goals.  DCHQ is now considered a webazine for the design community!  The Designers Circle Education Series was first introduced in 2017, and will continue in 2018.  In addition to being a designer, I have been called a party planner, among other things.  Good or bad, I’ll take it. 

Wishing you all a very healthy, happy holiday and a prosperous 2018.