This “blog” is called “In My Opinion” for a reason.  When I posted a picture of a policeman on Facebook with the words “Do you support the Cops, “ –the picture was deleted by Facebook’s powers at be.  I didn’t agree with this action but I do understand that they delete posts, shut down accounts or put people in “Facebook jail” if the post goes against their ideologies or policies. 

We all have Freedom of Speech, one of the five freedoms protected by the First Amendment of the United States Bill of Rights.

These freedoms include speech, religion, press, assembly, and petitioning the government. As the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, these freedoms are some of the United States’ foundational principles.

But, the First Amendment free speech guarantee, along with all constitutional rights, only protects us against the government. Facebook, Twitter and the other social media platforms are not the government. They are private sector entities, and therefore, have no First Amendment obligation to protect our freedom of speech

It is well known that many people depend on social media to get the news believing that what they read is fact.  Not true!  Facebook especially has been manipulating their readers for years and, sadly, it continues. 

Standing up for my right of free speech, I decided to write a column on this publication, Designers Circle, which I own.  No one can censure me nor will I censure any comments, as I have stated several times in my postings.

This column has many readers most of which do not comment for one reason or another although I have encouraged comments and/or rebuttals.

Recently I received an email stating that the writer was disagreeing with me on certain things Joe Biden has done or not done for the country. This person would not post a comment on Designers Circle, where he should have stated his views, but chose to email me for some reason.

Of course, he is welcome to his opinion and has been given the platform to state such opinions, but he has chosen to, instead, spew in an email and then unsubscribed because he doesn’t “need to be preached about politics in a business setting.”  It’s obvious that politics is enmeshed in our daily lives but, again, it’s a choice to be informed and open to opinions.

This is the exact reason why I have this column!  To state opinions and not be censured or “jailed” for what you believe in.

I am not “preaching” but sharing my opinion with people who want to read “In My Opinion.”  There are other columns in Designers Circle pertaining to the design community, design podcasts and events, but if this person choses to opt out, he is misunderstanding the first amendment.

I believe people should not be held back from stating their opinion nor should they condemn people for stating theirs.  It’s our freedom to read or watch whatever we chose.  This reader was not forced to read my column so, in my opinion, his solution seems to be erratic to me, but that is his right.