Most of us live in the desert so we should know all about desert modern designs, right?  This is what the gurus of design tell us:

Desert modern interiors are all about:

  • Embracing a natural aesthetic in a built environment.
  • Honoring natural materials and the exterior.
  • Reducing clutter while emphasizing visual interest through texture.
  • Balancing light-filled spaces through scale and height of décor and furniture.
  • Using rich hues to evoke a desert scape.

“This style also encapsulates the essence of open spaces. A desert is unlike any other, and it receives tons of sunlight. As such, modern desert homes make the most of natural light to showcase décor and furniture as well as create an inviting atmosphere. 

So, amp up the light in your desert modern living room and other spaces by embracing minimal window dressings and grand windows.”

Other than the last point, I feel these ideas sound pretty generic and can work with any decor. 

I disagree with the writer suggesting the use of natural light and great windows using minimal window coverings.

Yes, these ideas are great during most of the year, but obviously these designers haven’t experienced our summers where 110ºF is the average daytime temperature.  Unless you have an overhang to deflect the sun on your windows, or you have a northern exposure, we all know that making an effort to keep our homes cool is important for our comfort as well as our electric bill.  There are many suggestions for keeping cool from using ceiling fans to window treatments to block out the sun.  And don’t forget your sunscreen.

If you don’t agree with my thoughts, please comment.