Obama telling Biden what to say.

The “big guns” came out a few days ago to stump for their candidates in many of the swing states.  Who are the big guns you might ask. A little humor on my part as the Dems are against citizens having guns to protect their property and their family, but I digress!

Obama decided just a week before the election to support his party and speak out about how America will lose democracy if the Republicans take over the House and the Senate.  A definite non-truth!

Biden, too, joined the “party” by giving a speech at Union Station in Washington, D.C about how democracy is at stake.  He threw in some comments about how the Maga party is to blame for Paul Pelosi’s attack. Typical of Biden doing the blame game.

President Joe Biden after he was elected in 2020 pledged “not to divide, but to unify” and claimed he “doesn’t see red states and blue states” but “only sees the United States.” From the beginning of his presidency, Biden has blamed everyone for his mistakes.  And now it’s Trump and his followers who were behind the Pelosi break in. Biden is a master of the lie!  From telling people that his son died in Iraq to saying that most of the world is experiencing a worse inflation than we are.  No, Joe, try to get your facts straight, at least when it comes to America and statistics. Stop spewing your many, many non-truths! And, what happen to your ideas on uniting our country?  Another red check mark for lying Joe. You are the worst president in history and you accomplished that in just 2 years.

By the way, Biden and his family are the biggest threat to our democracy because of their relationship with China’s President Xi, which will all come out soon.

Then, of course, Hillary, the Hag from Hell, is making her way to appear on every mainstream media news interview talking about, you guessed it, the same lies that Obama and Biden are spreading.  Why?  Because they have nothing to talk about.

Let’s talk about election denials for a minute.  Hillary, in addition to being a money hungry, self-absorbed, morally and ethically decadent, narcissistic, deceitful, conniving person to ever attempt to be elected to the highest office in the land, wrote a book about her losing the 2016 election to Donald Trump. God help us if she runs for president for a 3rd time.

The Democrat candidates and Biden’s administration have ignored all the major issues important to Americans: inflation, gas prices, crime, immigration, drugs and education. These are the reasons why Biden has an approval rating of just 39.4%.  And for the life of me, I can’t figure out why?  Are these 39.4% living a better life than they did 2 years ago?

The emails, texts and commercials we are all experiencing are telling.  It’s time for you, the voter, to separate the lies from the truths before you vote. 

Here in Arizona, Blake Masters is running for the U.S. Senate.  One of the ads as of late is saying that he will destroy Social Security. That gets a big red check mark in the untruth column.

Mark Kelly said he is for closing the borders, yet he stands with Biden on everything he has said and done.  Kelley has done nothing for the border! He should have stuck with being an astronaut.

Kari Lake, candidate for Governor of Arizona, was accused of being behind the Katie Hobbs HQ office break-in. Kari defended herself saying she didn’t even know Katie had an office.  The person who did break in to the office is an illegal Portuguese migrant who is on the RUN after being released on bail. That gets a big red check mark in the untruth column.

As in the Paul Pelosi case, the mainstream media is so excited to accuse conservatives of anything without finding out the facts. They actually trip over themselves to be the first to print the lies.

Katie Hobbs can’t even run the office of the Secretary of State smoothly. She stands with Biden’s decision on open borders and more.

Before you vote, know all the candidates and know their position on the issues.

Vote for the future of our country and our state. Vote to make this country better for your children.  Vote to make America and Arizona great!