My head is swimming with so many things that have changed in our society, some for the better and some that are just plain crazy in my opinion.

One of these changes is the idea of giving every child on the team or in the classroom a trophy just for showing up.  What incentive does that child have for doing his best?  There isn’t any! 

The enthusiasm and excitement doesn’t exist if a child knows he or she will get the ribbon, the trophy or whatever is being used as “gifts” just for showing up. 

Children should learn about competition and being rewarded for their efforts. They should know that not everything is life is fair and working hard reaps benefits . . . most of the time. At the same time, it’s not far for the child  is the best at what he does to get the same recognition as the others.

The athletes who participate in the Olympics are a great example of hard work and dedication.  Not everyone wins the gold, and they accept that going in to the games.  They have hopes and dreams and the confidence and endurance that come from their training. Can you imagine everyone getting a gold medal just for showing up?

Many young adults have that feeling of entitlement and it will only get worse if things that are not earned are given to them.  No one, as far as I know, gets a raise or promotion for showing up at their job. 

It’s time for parents to raise their children with a sense of reality, not fantasy.