After writing this column for 11 years, yes, it has been that long, I can’t seem to complain about too much lately. 

There’s the ugly bug with the red spokes that has driven our country, actually, the entire world, into a frenzy.  Damn that germ but there’s only a few things, other than the wait-and-see approach, we can do about it. 

I’ve washed my hands every time I pass the sink, touch something or think I touched something.  Of course, I’m using the heavy-duty moisturizing lotion to combat the dryness, but eventually the stores will run out of that too.

I really have been staying away from people, or at least 6 feet away, from humans.  Even my daughter visits us on the back patio and sits the required distance away from us.  No hugging or kissing.  I would be love starved if it weren’t for my husband, who, I thank God for every day, is alive and well.

We’ve watched more movies in the last month than we’ve watched in 5 years.  I’m starting to watch the same movies over again because they seem better than the reality we’re living in right now. Next week we’ll start watch movies made in the 50’s. Really?

There was a question posed on a talk show the other day:  What good has come of this pandemic?  I can think of a few things that will probably change our way of life –

I’m starting to like food shopping online although it takes 3 days to get on the pick-up schedule. I’ve forgotten what I ordered when I pick it up, so it’s like Christmas.  I still like picking out my own produce, and someday I will, but for now I will depend on someone else, and hope they know a rotten apple from a good one.

I think home schooling online is a good thing for some kids.  Also, in the future it should be easily available for kids who are sick and lose out on classroom time.

Working at home was popular a few years back, then the idea dropped off.  Home offices will be coming back as a common part of the floorplan. I have been working from home for many years and love it.  Discipline is key – more about that another time.

Masks and gloves will be a normal part of our outfit.  Designers, can we get more feminine masks and gloves to match, please?

My final thought is how relationships are being affected by the stay-at-home policy.  Mark my words . . . there will be a shortage of disposable diapers in 9 months, and a long wait list at the divorce courts. Just sayin’

Stay healthy, please! See you soon.