Parents, Grandparents and everyone who has kids and/or cares for kids —  Be very aware of what’s going on in the American school system. 

A woman claiming to be a “queer educator” bragged in a viral TikTok video that she talks to her preschool students about “pronouns, transness, gender expression, and sexuality,” rubbing it in the faces of parents who “refused to educate their children on queerness.”

I won’t give the account or the handle of this woman because she doesn’t deserve more publicity about her teaching ideas.

This is not the only teacher who believes that your children should be taught about sex education and the various genders without having parental permission.

Parents across the nation have been protesting school districts’ policies related to gender and sex. Loudoun County, Virginia parents erupted in protest after a girl was raped in a bathroom by a biologically male student wearing a skirt.  The father of the girl who was sexually assaulted  should be treated as a domestic terrorist, the National School Boards Association (NSBA) suggested in a letter to the White House — after the distraught dad stormed a local school board meeting and demanded officials take responsibility.

Parents took action blasting the Loudoun Country school policies, the district’s alleged coverup of the horrifying incident, and the treatment of the victim’s father.

Jefferson County Public School district (Jeffco) in the nearby Denver area sent out a “Toolkit for Supporting Transgender & Gender Expansive/Nonconforming Students” to teachers. The toolkit included a picture of the “gender unicorn,” which claims that there is a difference between “gender identity,” “gender expression,” “sex assigned at birth,” and whom people are both physically and emotionally attracted to.

Jefferson County Public School district, the second-largest school district in Colorado, instructed “teachers not to inform parents if their child shows persistent signs of gender confusion” if the child is over the age of 11.

California has overhauled its sex education guidance for public school teachers, encouraging them to talk about gender identity with kindergartners and give advice to LGBT teenagers for navigating relationships and having safe sex.

The recommended reading for high schoolers in California includes books about sex, bondage and descriptions of different sexual activities.  When parents objected to these books, the board removed the books.

After doing research on what is being taught pre-K kids and elementary students, I am appalled and shocked and very glad that I don’t have children in the school system.  By the way, there are many states that are going along with this curriculum, not just the ones mentioned here.

American tax dollars may be used to support gender reassignment surgeries on boys and girls due to the Biden Administration and Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) Xavier Becerra’s promotion of the transitioning of children. 

At the pray breakfast recently, Joe Biden, in his speech, said “these are our children.”  I disagree! 

These are your children.  You are the parents who brought them into the world, love them, nurture them and will always be there for them.

Parents must be involved in their child’s education and attend school board meetings.  Don’t let the teachers and the school board destroy the innocence of your child.