2024 is approaching quickly and so are the design trends for the new year.  Many designers, who I shall not name, have been quoted on their opinions for the 2023 design ideas and elements that will be gone in the coming year.  Most of the time I do not agree with these designers.  What are your thoughts?  

  • Industrial styles featuring elements like concrete floors, high ceilings, and exposed architectural structures and pipes has been nixed for 2024.
  • Ultra-minimalism characterized by the use of geometric shapes, limited use of color, the use of everyday materials and a focus on the object and not emotion is losing its appeal.
  • Flat-packed, cheap furniture that’s mass-produced has been popular for years due to its convenient and budget-friendly nature, but  due to the growing awareness of sustainability and environmental impact of disposable items, people are losing interest in this fad.
  • The gray trend has disappeared quickly and will continue to do so in 2024 introducing more bold and moody colors.