Many people use sofa and couch interchangeable, but is that right?  To the consumer there is no difference, but to designer, Alex Feisal, lead designer at MDI, says there is a distinction. She feels the term “sofa,” carries a more design-oriented feel and an air of refinement and tends to consider a couch as a more casual furnishing– something oversized, stuffed, and informal.

For casual spaces, a couch with inviting plush cushions exudes comfort and casual living. This is a great choice for family rooms, dens, offices, and basement hangouts.

Sofas are perfectly suited for formal living rooms and sitting rooms, having a more sophisticated and refined look giving the room an air of elegance. 

Fun facts:

  • A settee is a smaller version of a sofa/couch with a high back on raised legs and is not meant for lounging.
  • A loveseat is a smaller version of a sofa/couch that fits two people and can be meant for lounging.
  • A divan is a sofa/couch without a back, usually set against a wall, and possibly with an arm or two, and depending on the comfort level of this upholstered “bench,” it can be used for lounging.