What is this world coming to?  I scratch my head and say this to myself because it is not PC to say anything out loud if you want to stay safe.

I am a little confused when things change and lean in the direction of crazy.  For example, in California when a baby is born, the parents have the choice of marking the gender as male, female or non-binary.  For those who live in my world and don’t know what a non-binary baby is, it’s an “umbrella term for people with gender identities that fall somewhere outside of the traditional conceptions of strictly either female or male,” and includes people who are transgender or born with intersex traits.  This description is from The Sacramento Bee, of course.

As I see it, this leads to more problems and questions as the baby becomes an adolescent non-binary or a teenage non-binary.  My first thought is naming this non-binary kid.  Would Sam (Samantha/Samuel) or Chris (Christine/Christopher) work?  And how do you dress this little one?   In non-binary onesy jeans and little Nikes?

As these little kids grow up, they have to learn how to walk, talk, be potty trained, feed themselves and tie their shoelaces. Are they to start researching the differences between males and females so they can be knowledgeable before they chose one? And when does this become imperative? Can they have to make a decision before kindergarten? 

In my humble opinion putting more pressure on children to decide what gender they want to be is moronic.  Can’t we just have little boys and girls who can play with trucks and barbies whenever they want?