On December 12, 2021 I voiced my opinion on The View and, after hearing Goldberg’s tirade regarding the Holocaust not being about race, I stand by what I said about this group of clowns.  These co-hosts, as they are titled, spew their opinions as fact, many times arguing over each other much like a presidential debate.

They are given the platform to spread their opinion with an “I-know-it-all” attitude sans the knowledge of intelligence on the subjects.  Goldberg, seemingly the Leader of the Mob, has argued about Bill Cosby being innocent on the sexual assault and rape charges, about Mel Gibson’s racist comments not being racist and about director Roman Polanski’s rape of a 13-year-old girl not being “rape-rape.”  And the list goes on.

Yes, Goldberg has free speech, but she presents her opinions to The View’s brainless audience as facts.

Suspending her for 2 weeks is a little slap on the wrist, and in my opinion, not enough.  She went on the Colbert show defending her stand on the Holocaust, and she was the topic of all the news shows and social media, perpetuating her spotlight. Twitter defended her comments and said she should not be suspended, while barring many well-known people who had thousands of followers.

Ana Navarro, a regular guest co-host on The View had this to say:

 “When you have five women, discussing complex topics, in five-minute segments on unscripted, live TV, sometimes things come out the wrong way,” said Navarro, who also works as a political commentator for CNN. “We are human and make mistakes. The difference between us and others is, we acknowledge it and try to correct it. Whoopi clarified and apologized without caveats.”

In my opinion, these women should stay away from complex topics of which they know nothing about, and stick to subjects like how to talk to people with respect, or how not to interrupt your guests or how not to be obnoxious.