Do you remember the good old days when coffee was good for you, then it wasn’t, then it was?

First, I want to say that I was listening to the media for a few days, and then finally decided that they knew less than me, which is not much.  The difference is they make up the “facts” as they go along, I just don’t say too much since I am not an expert.

Now the subject is “do we have to wash our produce?”  Since March, I have been scrubbing the hell out of my fruits and vegetables, trying to be so cautious about COVID-19, or whatever the official name is today.

Regarding the produce washing conundrum:  do we wash those foods in soap and water, water and vinegar or just plain water? The phrase, “as we know it now” covers all the different suggestions making them valid.  At the end of the day, or week, whenever you heard the latest news, do what you think is best.  We all have a brain and can use common sense.

I have been washing my produce in vinegar and water before it goes into the refrigerator so it doesn’t “touch” any other produce being stored.  In the past, I have just rinsed the foods before being eaten, which was acceptable.  Now I have gotten so freaky about this damn virus that I’m washing everything with disinfectant as suggested in March by Dr. VanWingen. 

There is so much that we don’t know about COVID-19, but there is a lot that we do know.  Washing your hands, keeping a distance away from people, wearing a mask when you are anywhere around people and staying home when you are sick will help to eliminate spreading this virus.

I guess I’ll keeping scrubbing my produce, for this week anyway.