Shopping online, especially at this time of the year does make sense . . . or does it?  Isn’t shopping at the malls part of what the holidays are all about?  Finding a parking space, bucking the crowds and dragging those shopping bags creates fun experiences and great stories.  And so is seeing Santa Clause sitting in his big chair with wide-eyed kids sitting on his lap being surrounded by his helpers.  Looking at all the lights and decorations and stopping for a cup of hot chocolate brings back memories of the days when shopping was an event.

But I’m torn!  Do I just sit in front of my computer and google what the popular gift items are for this year? Do I get the gifts delivered directly from the store without actually wrapping them myself? Or, do I order gift cards and email them. Should I make the holidays easier and less stressful?

E-shopping for the holidays, in my opinion, lacks the holiday spirit. It is worse than sending fruit cakes.  It took me a while to get use to Christmas lights on cactus and warm weather in December, but not touching and feeling things before I buy is a hard one.  I just don’t think, in my opinion, Christmas is Christmas without really shopping for that special gift at the brick and mortar stores.