sinks at the Henry, restaurant in Phoenix

The Henry

I have no choice but to write about this irksome subject – potties in public areas. We have all used them and, for the most part they are typically designed for the basic needs – a toilet and a sink. 

If you venture out of your home for any reason, I’m sure you have experienced some poorly maintained and designed restrooms.  Maintenance covers the supplies – toilet paper, paper towel & soap. Many fast food restaurants and department stores are lacking in the upkeep department.  Let us not forget about an unflushable toilet, but I don’t want to go any further with that gross visual, so I’ll concentrate on the designs which are a joke.

This week I had a quick meeting at The Henry, a very nice upscale restaurant with the most ridiculous ladies room.  First of all the entry door to the ladies room is painted black as well as the hallway.  I found it difficult, after coming in from the Arizona sun, to find the door.  Once inside, the room meets the needs as it was intended, but whoever designed the sink area was obviously not a woman.  It’s cute but so impractical.  No landing space whatsoever.  A woman was holding a blooming orchid plant and had nowhere to put it while she washed her hands.  I know what you’re thinking.  Where did she put it while she was using the potty, and why oh why did she bring this plant into the bathroom, for heaven’s sake? That’s not my problem, but I did hold the plant for her while she washed her hands.  Then it was my turn.  Where was I supposed to put my purse (actually bigger than a purse – it’s a pocketbook)?  Luckily I hung it on my shoulder which is where it usually is most of the time. A purse without a shoulder strap means trouble so a little creativity would be necessary.

louvered door in ladies room stall showing high hook

Hook too high on door

This week I attended a meeting at a bank on Camelback Road, Phoenix.  Nice bathrooms!  The entry door had a combination lock so it obviously was well maintained but basic.  The stall doors were louvered which explains why the hook for my pocketbook was 5’10” above the floor. This would be perfect for a basketball player but didn’t do anything for moi. The alternative would have been to put the hook on a side wall – a simple no brainer. I have noticed that many of the stalls either have broken hooks or no hooks. Hey, designers, get with the program.

One more design flaw – the size of the stalls at airports.  The rule is “don’t leave your luggage out of your sight” so bringing it with you at all times is imperative, right?  Not so easy to get your luggage and your body into those tiny stalls.  I always have a hard time, and as many of you know, I am a small-framed person.  What does a larger person do? 

I have no idea what the Mens’ rooms look like but I can just imagine.  Guys, if you want to comment on those, please be my guest.