If you have school-age children and grandchildren, you should know about the Parents Bill of Rights.    

  • This bill would give the parents the right to know what’s being taught in schools and see the reading materials.
  • It would also give the right of being heard, in addition to give parents the right to see school budgets and spending.
  • It gives the parents the right to protect their child’s privacy.
  • It gives parents the right to be notified of any violent activity at school.

This bill was passed by the House of Representatives with a 213-208 vote  and will now go to the Senate for their approval, which, unfortunately, is unlikely.  Many untruths have been spread by the progressive left accusing the Republicans of banning books, and wanting to bully the LGBTQ+ community.

In my opinion, I feel it is imperative that parents know what their child is being taught, and have the ability to question the school board and teachers who should be accountable.

Although I do not have children in the school system now, but if I did, I would want to know if their school operates, sponsors or facilitates athletic programs or activities that allow transgenders  to participate in a sport that does not correspond with their sex assigned at birth.

I would also want to know if my child’s school allows a transgender to use a bathroom or changing room that does not correspond with the sex assigned at birth.

Parents must get involved in their child’s education, go to school board meeting and have ongoing conversations with the teachers.

There are many stories of teachers across the country encouraging “social transitioning” of confused children with official “gender support plans” while keeping parents in the dark.

In 2021, there have been over 42,000 children between the ages of 7-17 diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Where and how did this “trend” start!  I do not believe that a 7 year-old has the capability to decide that changing their gender is the right thing to do. 

I remember the days when I wasn’t asked what my pronouns are and what gender do I relate to.  I used the ladies’ rooms and never expected to run into a man, but unfortunately, those days are gone.

I would urge every parent to be an active participant of the school board meeting, and know what your child is being taught.