Getting time to go food shopping is not as easy as one might think.  For a busy person this necessary evil is one of the more boring and challenging tasks.  I thought I would schedule shopping bi-monthly or maybe every 10 days if possible.  The “every week thing” was too stressful and, no I’m not being a drama queen.  If you don’t do the shopping in your family you probably don’t have a clue about what I mean.

I’m going to share some pointers to make this ugly job bearable:

  • Go shopping as few times as possible which means stock up on groceries as much as your house will hold.
  • Don’t go shopping on Wednesdays when the sale ads come out. Everyone else is shopping on that day, but does anyone realize that these deals last a week?
  • Don’t go shopping on Senior Citizen day. Not to be disrespectful but, geez, if you want to move quickly down the aisles don’t even think about shopping on these days.  Trying to maneuver around all the electric carts that are being driven by people who don’t have a license anymore is nerve racking.
  • Don’t go shopping on Saturdays because this is the day whole families go shopping. All the generations from granny to baby pile into the car for the weekly outing.
  • Don’t get behind people at the check out who collect coupons as a second job. This will add 15 minutes at least to your wait time.
  • Don’t go to Costco at lunch time. This is when people wait on lines to taste free food. One sample is not enough for them so they grab a handful and chomp it down like they haven’t eaten in weeks. Getting in their way puts your life at danger.
  • Don’t shop at a store you are unfamiliar with, even if it’s the same chain but a different branch. The stores aren’t set up the same, so finding the groceries takes more time and usually there is no one to ask.
  • Remember that Wednesdays, Senior Days and Saturdays have the most crowded parking lots. Unless you have a handicap parking tag, you will end up in the back forty because, again, everyone is shopping when you are.

Are you still wondering why Amazon is offering to deliver your groceries?