Whose idea what it to package simple items with heavy duty plastic strong enough to need the jaws of life to retrieve the item?  

In doing some research for this rant, I found out that this obnoxious packaging system is called a clamshell or blister package and is used for everything from toys to makeup.  It makes the product easy to see, but not easy to steal which is the reason why it has become so popular with retailers.

My challenge is trying to separate the clamshell packing without having to go to the emergency room with a life-threatening injury. Unfortunately, I now have pliers, box cutters and wire snips as part of my everyday kitchen tools.  There should be hints on the package for easy opening, but that would be too easy.

Additionally, trying to open cans and jars without injury is also nearly impossible.  I can understand kid proofing aspirin and drugs, but pickles jars and tuna fish cans? 

More than 60,000 people require hospital treatment yearly after injuring themselves opening difficult packaging, research has shown.  Thousands of people have suffered wrist strain each year trying to pry lids off jam jars. Others injure themselves in sheer frustration, smashing the glass to open the jar.

Obviously, the designers of these packages are focusing on the product,  not the consumer who may be elderly with little strength and bad eyesight.

Since we are a technologically driven society, can someone figure out how Alexa can open my pickle jar?