First let me say that I am by no means a fan of The View, a talk show created by Barbara Walters 25 years ago.  According to Walters, who was an actual journalist, her idea was to feature a multi-generational panel of women who discuss the topics of the day. Babs, where did you go wrong?

Recently Dr. Ben Carson, an extremely intelligent man with a very interesting background, was a guest on The View. I watched this interview and was totally disgusted in the way he was treated by Mop-Head Whoopi Goldberg and Buffoon Joy Behar.  The interview methodology used on this show is to interrupt and change subjects in mid-stream while the guest is trying to answer the question posed to him.

The disrespect by the panel shows their ignorance and stupidity while the audience, whom I’m sure is vetted for their “must-have low I.Q”, supports anything these nitwits say with their wild applause.  Being a guest, only if you are a conservative, on this show is like offering oneself to the lions.  It’s not worth it, unless of course, you are someone they are enamored with like Chelsey Clinton who was gushed over and treated like the Queen of England.

Joy Behar suggested that an Arizona immigration law that would allow local law enforcement to arrest immigrants unable to produce documents showing they are allowed to be in the U.S. is comparable to “World War II Germany,” and on another segment she said homeschooled children are demented.  Behar apparently missed the class when brains were given out.

Referring to a video of Whoopi spewing her idea on abortion, this comment was posted on Twitter: What a #moron @TheView it’s disgusting that #ABC is even allowed to air this show. These horrible people/women can influence others with the #lies they tell on a daily basis! Get them off the air! They are the downfall of #America

Do we really need divas who have no clue about US History, our political system or world events trying to convince people they are the experts? There has been 22 o-hosts during the 25 years that this show has aired.  All of them has battled and insulted each other and their guests resulting in some walking off the show, being told to shut up or going to an unscheduled commercial break. 
I have watched this show possibly 5 times, but for this article I had to force myself to watch some of the shows on You Tube to see what the current situation is like. In my opinion,  these people are moronic, pathetic idiots so obviously I will not watch this circus again. If you disagree with me, try to convince me otherwise by commenting below.