Modern prairie aesthetic is all about charming country style, vintage accents, and functional design. It is inspired by the vast, open prairies of the American Midwest and the prairie-style architecture that was made famous by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The idea is to create a peaceful, welcoming interior that is just as modern and functional as it is charming and nostalgic.

  • Think of it as modern farmhouse style’s rustic, but more refined. 
  • Uses earth tones, natural materials like rustic wood beams, leather, woven baskets and rugs, and stone.
  • Clean and simple lines, and vintage accents.
  • Incorporates modern elements to keep it from feeling dated and inauthentic.
  • Wood is a popular choice for flooring, furniture, and accents.
  • Stone is often used for fireplaces, accent walls, and decor pieces like jugs and bowls.
  • Leather and other natural materials like linen and cotton can be used for upholstery and accents.
  • Uncluttered spaces and minimal, purposeful decorations and accents.
  • Plants and greenery can add to the prairie vibe, bringing the outdoors inside and connecting the space to nature.

Source: Better Homes & Garden

Photo Jay Wilde