Thousands of women and men protested wildly in June, 2022, when the Supreme court gave the states the authority to set their own abortion policies. These protests were irrational and, in some cases, life threatening to the Supreme Court Justices, with no protection or regard for their lives and the lives of their families.

Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, to name a few, have said that killing babies is a woman’s fundamental and constitutional right, so the 60 million babies aborted since the Roe v Wade decision 50 years ago are justified in their minds. Some have gone so far as to say babies in utero do not feel pain, and at the same time, several states have passed laws supporting late term abortion—up to the moment of birth. In my opinion, this is murder! 

Recently a young women protester on abortion said, “Having abortion banned means that we’re basically getting our choices over our bodies taken away and as a woman, that speaks volumes because now I have to be more careful when I have sex.”  It seems that many women and men of all ages are fighting for the right to not take any responsibility for the outcome of sex. So, we are back to the sexual revolution of the 60’s.  Pure and simple!  Enjoy the moment with whomever and walk away. Babies’ lives don’t matter!   

The media and various high-profile people in our country are saying women are oppressed by the revised abortion ruling.  This is just a political game. Adoption, birth control and abstinence seem to be ignored while abortion has become the topic of the day by this administration and many other politicos.

Women who are parading with signs that read “My body, my choice” don’t know what true oppression and frustration are in some societies.

According to Amnesty International, strong restrictions on women’s rights are evident in Iran. If you are not aware of Sharia Law and the rules women live under, I suggest you read this:

  • Compulsory “veiling” (hijab) laws. The laws violate a woman’s right to equality, privacy, and freedoms of expression, belief and religion, and empower police and paramilitary forces to target women for harassment, violence and imprisonment.
  • Limited political involvement. Women’s rights activists who had campaigned for greater representation of women in the February 2016 parliamentary elections, were subjected by the Revolutionary Guards to lengthy, oppressive interrogations and threats of imprisonment on national security charges.
  • Pervasive discrimination. Women remain subject to discriminatory laws, including in gaining access to divorce, employment, equal inheritance, politics and in the area of criminal law.
  • Sexual and reproductive health. Several draft laws that remain pending would further erode a woman’s right to sexual and reproductive health. Women continue to have reduced access to affordable modern contraception as the authorities have failed to restore the budget of the state family planning program cut in 2012.
  • National family policies. In September 2016, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei issued national family policies promoting early marriage, repeated childbearing, fewer divorces, and greater compliance to “traditional” roles of women as housewives and men as breadwinners. The policies raised concern that female victims of domestic violence may face further marginalization and pressure to “reconcile” with abusers and remain in abusive marital relationships.
  • Gender-based violence. Women and girls remain inadequately protected against sexual and other gender-based violence, including early and forced marriage. The authorities failed to adopt laws criminalizing these and other abuses, including marital rape and domestic violence, although the Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affairs pushed a draft bill that had been pending since 2012.

Iran employs morality police who keep a check on these so-called “immoral” acts. Violators face public rebuke, fines or arrest and in some cases, death.

On September 16, 2022, Mahsa Amini, a 22 year-old Kurdish girl was going to meet her relatives in Tehran from the province of Kurdistan in Iran. According to the family and other witnesses, she was arrested by the morality police because a few strands of hair were not covered by her hijab.

Mahsa was pulled out of the car she was riding in, beaten in the police van, and fell into a coma and died. The police have denied any wrongdoing and said she was taken to an intensive care unit of a hospital because of a heart attack.  Just last week, the Iranian coroner said Mahsa died of an underlying disease from a surgery she had when she was 8 years old. These are lies which were reported by NBC news.

Her family is now getting death threats and told not to participate in the protests that have been sparked by her death.

The Iranian women are repressed with no rights and are protesting under the threat of death for hope and freedom. 

Unlike Iranian women, the spoiled women who are protesting for the right to have abortions and get rid of unwanted babies for no reason.

This writing was actually not about abortion, but the plight of the Iranian women. But in doing research, the abortion statistics are staggering and could not ignore them.

As of May, 2021, 96.50% of all abortions are performed for social or economic reasons.

  • A baby would have a drastic impact on their current life. 
  • They are having relationship problems with the baby’s father. 
  • They are done having children. 
  • They are not ready to have a baby at their age or maturity level

If these excuses weren’t so pathetic, they would be laughable.  These women, and yes men as well, don’t think beyond the bedroom.  Abortion is not birth control! It’s time to grow up and think!