Is it a case of common-sense lacking or the way-of-the-world’s thinking, now?!

February 2nd, North Dakota Legislature created AND passed a law…

The North Dakota bill (B 1361) affirms that “an individual’s rights are superior and not equal to environmental elements, artificial intelligence, animals, inanimate objects, corporations, or governmental entities. Environmental elements, artificial intelligence, animals, inanimate objects, corporations, or governmental entities may not be granted personhood in the state or any right personhood entails.”  You will find it here:

And if that isn’t astounding enough for you, contemplate this: the law passed by a vote of 87-7!

By voting “no”, 7 State Rep’s must have believed humans aren’t superior sentients!

Is there greater insight by N.D. Legislature than what the U.S. Declaration of Independence (the cornerstone to the U.S. Constitution) made, sufficiently, obvious?!

Oh, I found other examples of such absurdity…

In 2018, Crestone, CO legally acknowledged the “rights of nature”.  A Rights of Nature Resolution promoted by Earth Law Center (Durango, CO) and adopted by the Crestone Board of Trustees (lead by a Canadian businessman) the inherent ‘rights’ of nature (

In 2021, the White Earth Nation of Ojibwe sued the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in tribal court on behalf of wild rice after an oil pipeline company was allowed to pump ground water, risking the wild rice in lakes. Oh, it was determined the “wild rice” is not only shunned by the Ojibwees, but it is inedible!  In 2018, White Earth leaders had adopted a tribal law recognizing the rights of wild rice—known as manoomin in Ojibwa—to exist and flourish (

In 2021, the Magpie River in Quebec (Canada) became the first river in Canada to be granted person-hood rights. You read that accurately!  The Innu Council of Ekuanitshit and the Minganie Regional County Municipality declared the river a legal person! This assigned the river nine rights – YES, really, including the rights to exist, to flow, to maintain its biodiversity and remain safe from the threat of (hu)man. It also allows for legal guardians to ensure the rights are obeyed & respected (  This means the rights that come with person-hood can be protected in court or government policy!

In 2022, New York state Assemblyman (D-Buffalo 142) Patrick Burke wrote the following Great Lakes Bill of Rights,  “The Great Lakes ecosystem, the Great Lakes, and the watersheds that drain into the Great Lakes and their connecting channels, shall possess the unalienable and fundamental rights to exist, persist, flourish, naturally evolve, regenerate and be restored by culpable parties, free from human violations of these rights and unencumbered by legal privileges vested in property, including corporate property.”  (

And if you desire to replace any ignorance you may possess on rights of nature, research the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature website (  It was created and targets legal systems to terminate treating nature as property and to recognize, respect, and enforce the rights of nature.  A visit to it’s website depicts a timeline of movement milestones (

Are these actions by N.D. & NY a superlative endorsement & assuagement for ALL human life?  By extension, this would include include a baby growing in the womb of another human – its mother!  How can anyone, truly, equate non-human (sentient) life to a tree?!  Yet, the only pink-matter that will understand, appreciate & endorse this is a the minority of the U.S. (and, dare I state, the world) population.

Now, laws defining animals, A.I., plants, trees, bodies of water, et al will have to be created & passed to make certain we – humans – remain at the top-of-the-food-chain!

Hold on, my friends, it’s going to get, increasingly, stupid!

“Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools…”  – Romans 1:22

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