Yeah, yeah!  We can all agree that we are having a very hot summer, and we can’t do anything about it.  We just have to be patient, because we all realize that October is only 60 days away. OMG!  60 more days!

If we can just stay in an air-conditioned place we will survive.  Going to the movies and malls helps, but the problem is getting there.  The excessive heat brings out the crazy drivers who don’t care about anyone else on the road.  They want to get where they are going as fast as they can.  You can tell by the way they drive,  they believe rules don’t apply to them!

Driving on the streets of the Valley of the Sun is more dangerous than shopping at Walmart on Black Friday.  You are putting your life on the line especially during rush hour.  Well, actually, it’s not safe any time of the day or night.

If anyone in the city planning department would have asked me my opinion about the Deck Park Tunnel at I-10 at 7th Street, I certainly would have had some recommendations.  I drove many, many times through the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels in New York City.  Not once did I see an accident in the tunnel.  Why?  Because there is a “no changing lanes” rule and a speed limit of 35 miles per hour. The Port Authority Cops are constantly monitoring the tunnels because they know that accidents would cause total chaos.

Our short ½ mile tunnel is used by 235,000 daily. There is no restrictions for changing lanes in the tunnel. What were they thinking?  People have accidents outside the tunnel and hold up traffic for miles.  It’s 100 times worse when the accident happens in the tunnel.  Sitting in traffic during these scorching days is bad enough, but to sit in a car at a standstill for hours while these unfortunate accidents are cleared is pure hell.

Another thing I would change are truck routes.  These huge monster trucks are all over the place.  They should be confined to a truck loop that circles the outside of the city.  Getting hit by one of these 18 wheelers that goes whizzing by at a high speed is definitely deadly.

Probably the best way to survive this heat is to not be in it.  It is times like these that living in Alaska sounds really good.

Commuting to Scottsdale would be a little time-consumming  but possibly worth it, right?