I can’t say I don’t read the news anymore, but I really do try to avoid it as much as possible.  Why, you ask.  I seriously have lost confidence in the news especially since many reporters have admitted that they make up stories probably for sensationalism, getting their name on the top of the fold, being asked to appear on talk shows and, most of all, the money.  Whatever the reason, I don’t want to waste my time reading fiction.  Fake news is worldwide, not just in the USA, and is like a fungus that is spreading throughout the world.

In addition to fact lying, we also have the “what if” syndrome which has been going on for years. News reporters will exploit an incident to keep the story going until the next one comes along.  An example would be the recent carnage in Las Vegas, where reporters will ask, “what if you were staying at that hotel? What if it happened in Phoenix? What if you went to that concert?” It will go on, and on.  These headline mongers should just shut their mouth and do the job they are paid to do.  Report the news!  That’s it, no more, no less.  These reporters are supposed to be impartial but I noticed in the last few years that they give you their unsolicited viewpoint on everything. That’s NOT their job.

It’s also not the job of athletes or actors to give their opinions publicly, and many times in a hateful way.  Everyone’s an expert and a know-it-all, and I’m tired of it.

Did we lose consideration, respect and empathy to threats, destruction and hate?