The use of mirrors or other small objects to adjust the flow of qi, or energy, in a space is known as the “method of minor additions,” or Xie Zi Fa in Chinese. 

Reflect Good Thingsuse mirrors to reflect and double anything you want to amplify.  If you place a mirror in your office in such a way that it reflects trees outside, you are inviting wood energy into your work. This represents growth and expansion in your career.  

Fix the Commanding Position –  if you can’t see the door when you’re in bed or at your desk or stove, it’s helpful to place a mirror to correct this. A moveable standing mirror is easy to adjust to put you in commanding position. Set up the mirror so that you can see the doorway or entry to the room.

Bring in Elements With Shape – mirrors are connected to the water element. By choosing certain shapes or frames for your mirror, you can bring in additional elements as well.

  • Round mirrors represent the metal element, which brings clarity, precision, and joy.
  • Square or rectangular mirrors bring in earth, which can help with stability, grounding, and self-care.
  • A tall rectangular mirror (think of a tree trunk) brings in the wood element, which can help with flexibility and loving kindness.
  • Triangular mirrors, while a bit more unusual, can add a lot of style to your space as well as fire energy. Bringing in more fire is a good choice if you’re looking for passion, inspiration, or visibility.

Evoke Elements Through Color – The color of your mirror’s frame also has an impact on the kind of energy it will bring to your home.

Avoid Non-Flat Mirrors – It’s best to choose either a mirror with a flat surface, or a convex or concave mirror. Avoid mirrors that are broken, chipped, cloudy, or ones that reflect distorted images. This includes groups of small mirrors; one continuous piece of glass is best. 

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