indexWe are living in the world of technology – robotics to drones to self-driving cars.  Just about everyone has a smart phone and posts to at least one social media platform.  Kindergarteners to senior citizens are texting, taking pictures and watching movies constantly.  Yes, it is wonderful to experience all the newest and greatest inventions.  Can you imagine life without your phone? 

But, are we losing all the old fashion holiday traditions?  If we don’t pass them on to our kids and grandkids, years from now no one will experience stringing popcorn and cranberries,  making homemade tree ornaments or gingerbread houses. christmas2010-5

Remember the train sets that we set up around the tree, the Tonka trucks every little boy wanted and those cuddly baby dolls that were on every little girl’s wish list?  Today’s toys are not toys; they are computerized machines.  I am amazed at how much money is spent on toys and gadgets at this time of year.

I do love the idea that little kids are so techy-oriented but at the same time, in my opinion, we should keep the old traditions alive.  Baking cookies and wrapping presents, singing Christmas Carols and having dinners with friends and family is what the holidays are all about. 

It’s not the size and cost of a gift, but the thought and the love that goes with it that counts.

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