Not to say that I know more than the next person, but after 11 years of hosting monthly Happy Hours, I have learned a lot about the fine art of networking.  I have seen many successful relationships grow over the years due to the initial meetings at my events.  These things just don’t happen, they have to be initiated and nurtured.  Giving out a business card and walking away never to contact that person again is not the way it happens.

Speaking of business cards, I have written many, many times on these little cards being worth more to your business than anything else, if used properly.  First, you have to have them with you at all times.  I can’t tell you how many people have come to my Happy Hours and either leave their cards in the car, don’t have them because they ran out, or just didn’t think of bringing them to a networking event. Really?

I have also enumerated the fine art of emails.  Yes, we are all bombarded with tons of them, some junk and some very important. When you send an email, there are proper etiquette rules when communicating on the internet so your email doesn’t end up in the junk pile. And when you receive an email, it would be nice to acknowledge it, even it’s only to say “thanks,” or “got it.”

Yes, I have written over 500 rants complaining and criticizing things I see.  Some have emailed me or verbalized their comments on my soapbox subjects, but for some unknown reason don’t write their comments in the post. 

I specifically have a comment section for you, the reader, to post your feelings and/or disagreements on the subjects I write about.  I have asked questions that go unanswered.  I have asked for people to participate in a blog column about anything they want to discuss, but that has been ignored. I have put out challenges, but no takers.  Why is that?

Hello!  Are you there?