We all know he did it but will he have to pay for his actions?  That’s the big question regarding Alec Baldwin. 

By now everyone is aware of the shooting that happened last October, 2021, on the set of “Rust”, a western movie where Baldwin was the lead actor and one of the producers.

A gun held by Baldwin and aimed at fatally shot Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer on set.  She left a husband and 9 yr. old son whom are both devastated by this tragedy.

An interview was set up with between Baldwin and a well-known anchor on a national news station where Baldwin touted his innocence a few weeks after the tragedy?  During the interview Baldwin said he would never point a gun or pull a trigger at anyone, and didn’t feel guilty about what happened, He added a moment of crocodile tears and blamed others but taking no responsibility for what happened.  He used all his acting skills to convince his audience that he was not guilty and added “that it’s highly unlikely that I would be charged with anything criminally” because he did not pull the trigger! 

Recently the FBI said that they have proof that he did pull the trigger and they are waiting for Baldwin’s phone records.  Sounds crazy to me that it would take that long to get phone records from an old actor!

In the past 10 months the Baldwins’ have shown no remorse.  On the contrary.  Baldwin and his faux-Spanish wife, Hilaria,  have played up the fact life it’s been very hard for them.  

So, what have the Baldwins’ been doing during this investigation? Not what you would think! Alec and Hilaria, his faux Spanish wife, have both been acting entitled and victimized as if they were the only ones affected by this incident. They have posted pictures fawning over their many kiddos Hilaria even wrote a blog about the difficulty of parenting through this experience, fishing for sympathy for herself. 

In their spare time they both have been gallivanting around the Hamptons shopping and posing at restaurants for the paparazzi. They even had time to purchase a $1.75 million historic Vermont farmhouse. 

As a side note which I am sure will be noted in the trial, there were previous incidents of questionable safety, rookie mistakes and the fact that seven crew members walked off the set over safety concerns the morning of the incident. 

This case will eventually be decided and Alex may continue living in his own world not caring about anyone but himself and his family, or he may pay the price for what he did to the victim and her family.

I hope this case isn’t reminiscent of the Teddy Kennedy/Mary Jo Kopechne tragedy in 1969. Very little was written about the woman who Kennedy let drown to save his own life (but not his soul). It was all about a Kennedy and how much press he got.  If you are not familiar with that travesty, read more here.

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