Pronouns.  A fad or another approach to control?

Of late, I’ve read, seen and heard a growing level of gender-dysphoria (GD) claimed by children.  What?!

So, I researched GD.

A Pew Research survey (2022) found 1.6 percent of adults in the United States identify as transgender or non-binary.

GD is the severe discomfort in one’s biological sex identifying the disorder as psychological, such as eating disorders .

There are generally three categories representing GD.

The first are the young kids –primarily boys – who have the classic presentation of GD most of whom naturally outgrow the phenomenon.  Those that didn’t, became what is commonly known as trans-sexual adults.  The second group is the social/peer contagen spreading among girls questioning their acceptance by peers (this is how bulimia & anorexia rampantly spread).  The third group are the activists who exploit confusion, sympathies (feelings), fear, identity crisis, self-esteem, acceptance/attention and so-on.  These trans-social-influencer activists are out to invade women’s protective spaces, fabricate narratives and destroy women’s sports.  These activists are in support and promote the ability and choice for anyone to use a restroom, dressing room, gym showers, etc. of their desire if they identify as that gender!  This has been a dream-come-true for pedophiles, rapists, voyeurs, molesters, ephebophiles, hebephiles and the like.

I’m an engineer, in 3 disciplines.  Science outcomes are based on factual, empirical data, observations and challenging the results by process replication and reproduction.  Ostensibly, I seek existential and verifiable answers based upon established, proven and bedrock scientific tools.

Here’s the basis of a human genome (DNA) hypothesis:

Male gendered humans posses two “X ”sex chromosomes.

Female gendered humans posses one “X” and one “Y” sex chromosome.

So, why can’t a human be anything other than what their chromosome assignment dictates (male or female)?  Because of science!  Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes.  A fruit fly has four pairs, a rice plant has 12 and a dog has 39.  And those, just as in humans, have male & female counterparts.  You may recall what I’m describing from H.S. biology.

And if chromosome abnormalities or errors developed in the fertilized egg of a human, that human will, still, be either male or female!.  Attempting to act as a ‘god’ and manipulate the human chromosome pattern will lead to severe and dire outcomes.  An extra X sex chromosome in males or females will lead to Klinefelter syndrome, which is a condition characterized by tall stature, mental disability, and, often, impaired fertility.  Removing the X chromosome results in Turner syndrome.  Characterized by short stature, puberty failure and kidney or heart problems.

So, any human intending to undergo surgery to alter their sex is disillusional.  It is impossible.  The only semblance of sex-change is to have a doctor who can/will remove appendages, install implants, medically alter testosterone/estrogen and perform plastic surgery to appear as a woman or man.  BUT, that person is STILL, fundamentally male or female as defined by their sex chromosome!  There is no re-assignment!

The issue is that kids/minors are not left alone to experience life and grow-up and out of their confusion.  Children have no real sense of sexuality or sexual experiences other than what they are told or observe!  When the child appears to not be perfectly feminine or masculine because they dress in their sister’s or brother’s clothes they are labeled as a “trans-kid”!   Adults immediately intervene and label them as trans-gender rather than allowing the kid to go through puberty!

They are then hurried into “affirmative care” (those are medical ‘professionals’ who affirm the self-diagnosis of GD) and proceed with a medical (puberty blockers, Lupron, testosterone/estrogen supplements) and psychological (adoption of new name and pronouns) transition process.

Has society devolved to a point that to identify a person you must know their pronouns?!

GD is reinforced and encouraged in classrooms by a growing number of teachers who insist that, only, kids know their true gender and have the right to choose themselves – not what science or a birth certificate states!  Couple this with a growing medical community steeped in supporting a child’s choice to transition from birth to desired gender!

In 2007 there was only one (1) gender clinic in the U.S.  Now, over 300!  Depending upon which state, Planned Parenthood (P.P.) provides testosterone to girls (minors) on the first visit to a P.P. clinic.  In Oregon, P.P. gives 15-year old girls testosterone on their own recognizance (parental permission not required)!  Kaiser Permanente medical dispenses testosterone, too, and double mastectomy (top surgery) is readily available to girls, despite presence/absence of GD!

The House of Representatives passed a measure, in April, stating “This Bill prohibits an individual from being denied access to a shared facility, including a restroom, a locker room, and a dressing room, that is in accordance with the individual’s gender identity”  (H.R. 5 Equality Act).

Democrat politicians claim the bill is tantamount to protecting transgender children, students, and all who identify as who they choose.

It doesn’t end… There’s a full-throat effort to escalate the Trans Agenda by our U.S. governing leaders infiltrating everything from education, sports, medical, public spaces, special provisions and rights, and more!

It wasn’t long ago, politicians touted use and recognition of science to justify COVID shots!  They have extremely short memories.

The “science” of gender-dysphoria does not exist.  There are no time and data-driven reports or studies available that prove or disprove this social-created phenomenon.  It is, by all accounts, being fabricated as sympathies (feelings) allow, which is not scientific.

I care not, if you want to behave like the opposite sex, simply do NOT leverage your choice as my responsibility or problem!  It’s not a question of acceptance or tolerance.  It’s infringing upon MY freedoms to be compromised.

In my opinion, this is another control directive by operatives, activists & politicians by adding to the list of lies being accelerated by an evil, distorted sect of the populous.  They create, promote lies and distortions such as CRT, white privilege, historical/social reparations, guns kill, climate crisis, trans-phobia, bigotry is rampant, politicians are our friends!

No wonder A.I. is a scientist’s dream!

“Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river” – Nikita Khrushchev

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