We might be in the age of technology, but the paper business card is still one of the most important tools you can have for your business.  Since I have been working on Designers Circle, I have collected over 6,000 cards for my files but, unfortunately, a lot of them are very hard to read or don’t have key information.  Your card is an extension of yourself.  Design it wisely.

Here are some important points to consider when designing your business card: 

*Use your logo as the biggest or most noticeable element on the card. People will remember that faster than they will remember your name. Be creative & clever.  You don’t want a card that looks like everyone else’s.

*Simple dark fonts on a light background are always best. Contrast is best and much easier to read.

*Stay away from those fancy fonts that are hard to read.  People should not have to squint to read your information or guess what your company name is.  Which brings me to size.  Yes, size IS important.  When I have to use a magnifying glass to read your card, there’s a problem.

*Your card should have your phone number with area code, that you will answer personally.  Put your email on your card, and your website, if you have one.  Don’t keep these items a secret.  Websites and emails lead to business, and don’t worry about spam.  Just delete.  That is why they have that button.

*Don’t cram your autobiography on the card.  People don’t need to know your company history, awards and mission statement and everything you have to offer.  Save it for your website or a personal meet up.  Don’t clutter the card.

*QR codes have become less trendy and are rarely being used on business cards.  I have noticed about 10% of the cards I get, have them.  Stick to the basics unless you work in Silicon Valley, or similar.

*If you use social media regularly, put it on your card.  You can use the icons for Twitter, Linkedin, instagram or Facebook.  If your Facebook pages have all your family and friends’ photos, leave it off your card.

*Use the heavier card stock, not the flimsy paper weight.  Your cards will look more impressive.

*Please, please do not hand out a business card as big as a post card.  Someone came up with the standard size for a reason!

And for Heaven’s sake, bring your cards to networking events.  They only work for you when you hand them out.

If I have missed anything, or if you have any suggestions, please comment on this post.