Interior design trends might come and go, but there are always a few that might continue to be used because they were and are popular today.

Certain looks, materials, and colors have a lot to do with personalities, environment, and experiences, so it is always important to choose decor that makes you/your client happier at home, whether they are on-trend or not. 

  • Timber & Natural Materials – Nothing beats the natural beauty of timber, providing character and a sense of heritage to a room. 
  • Maximalist Schemes – this trend is all about embracing excess with clashing patterns, riotous color palettes, and impressive (and enormous) collections of objects.
  • Smarter Storage – Built-in cabinetry is not only an investment and will hopefully add value to your property.  Although more expensive than shelving, drawers, visible or behind doors, are a much more efficient way of storing and accessing items.
  • Organic Shapes and Fluid Design – straight lines can look stark, while curved lines look more dynamic and adds flow.
  • Layering & Textures – tactile objects like fabrics, wood, and stone to add physical comfort and visual interest to a space.

source:  Charu Gandhi, founder & director of Elicyon