It doesn’t happen very often, but occasionally I run out of things to complain about.  Maybe it’s writers block or maybe I’m getting too patient with people. Whatever the reason, I checked google, my go-to for everything, to see what annoys the masses.  Not having the time or space to share all 50 annoying habits, I’m picking out the ones that would probably be on your list.

Not standing to one side on an escalator. I would say this is more annoying on the moving walkway at airports. Most of the time I take those conveyor mechanisms when I’m running late.  I can walk faster than the average person so I use them to get where I’m going a little faster.  There’s always someone standing in the middle holding on to their luggage enjoying the ride not aware of anyone trying to get past them as they block the entire width of the walkway.

Not holding the door for the person behind you.  This is just plain common sense.  I’ve been in situations where people let the door go without looking to see if someone is behind them, and it just about knocked me over. People, it’s being mannerly.  And while I’m on this subject, when you see someone in a wheelchair, using a walker or cane, or even pushing a stroller, don’t watch while they struggle.  Get the door for them!

Looking at your phone when you are talking to someone in person.  You might as well tell the person that they are not important enough to have your full attention.  Put the phone out of sight and talk to people eye to eye.  If you get a call, let it go to voice mail. Why do you think you have that feature?

Listening to music in your car loud enough so EVERYONE can hear it.  For some reason some people like to turn the volume up so loud that the adjacent cars vibrate.  These people are either deaf or will be soon.  In my opinion, the music is usually obnoxious noise.  Turn it down, please!

There are 46 more annoyances that I will share in the future, unless, of course, you have your own you would like to share.