Today is Memorial Day, the beginning of summer, wearing white pants and days of 100º+ temperatures.  While I was trying to come up with a topic to write about, I lost my electricity twice without warning. Ha-ha, the warning would probably be connected with power which means I would never get it. The first time it went out, which only lasted 10 minutes, I was updating Designers Circle.  OMG, what if it doesn’t come back for hours?  I thought I would take some time to do the wash since I couldn’t work on my computer!  Or maybe make dinner, or vacuum!  Just kidding!  I don’t vacuum! The second outage lasted over an hour.  Not good!

My point is that almost everything we do is dependent on electricity. I’m sure Thomas Edison is giggling in his grave right now, but, honestly, did you ever think what it would be like without any power?  

According to Alan, who writes for the Urban Survival Site, it has been estimated that if the power went out all over the United States for a full year, 90% of the population wouldn’t survive. He said, that we are dependent on the power grid, which is a scary thought considering that a cyber attack or an EMP could bring it down at any time.

Short power outages are commonplace in the Phoenix area, especially in the summer.

Remember that motto, “be prepared?” I going to stock up on Yankee Candles and find a Bluetooth blow dryer. Necessities first!

P.S.  My planets are probably out of line.  I just got my internet connection back after 2 hours of no service.